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The filter is supported by a very open mesh grid,

  • indicatively from 50 x 50 mm wire ø 2.5 mm to 200 x 200 mm wire ø 8 mm).
  • equipped with protruding pivots

Refer to drawing DT_94001.

The filter must be mounted on the grid in strips placed side by side and slightly overlapping, taking care that no by-pass zones form in the filter wall.

It is advisable to install the Liquid Column Manometer MM200600 to control the evolution of the Pressure Loss, or the Liquid Column Filter Alarm which allows the visual control of the instantaneous value and the signaling of the reaching of the limit.


The Clean overspray collector products are classifiable as special waste.

Columbus Industries’ overspray collector products are nonhazardous and biodegrade faster than man-made mineral fibers. Loaded overspray collectors should be disposed of in the same manner as any paint-laden waste material.
In case of Classification “toxic harmful” due to the percentage of solvents, the Filter can be dried in a dryer.

Calculate in advance the maximum load that the dryer can withstand in order not to exceed 0.25 LEL.

When Do You Change Out Loaded Paint Collectors?

Since OSHA requires approximately 100 linear fpm airflow through the booth and to maintain a safe level of the volatile organic compound concentrations in the booth’s airstream, it must be possible for the spray booth operator to tell when the overspray collectors are loaded and the airflow is reduced to an unacceptable point. However, accurate detection of this point is crucial and required by code. This can be established by simulation by blocking off areas of the exhaust bank in an even distribution pattern until airflow drops below the required level.

Once this airflow point has been reached, it can be matched to the static pressure resistance in water column (W.C.) through the loaded overspray collector media by the use of gauges. The gauges can be manually read or equipped with an automatic system of lights or horns. This resistance point can then be matched to the airflow rate and a change out standard for all or part of the collector media can be established.