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Columbus Industries’ dry overspray collectors are constructed of multilayered, slit and expanded recycled kraft and polyester fiber, joined by longitudinal seams with silicon-free yarn.

The meshes can be of 5 sizes: High Capacity, Large, Normal, Small and Mini-Mesh.

The number of layers varies from 5 to 12 in the different models.
In some models the final layer consists of a polyester fibre post filter, which allows fine separation.

High Capacity Mesh (HC e HC+)

They are large mesh sizes (27 x 18 mm) and all equal.
They trap the coarsest drops of overspray while allowing a high passage of air, favouring the accumulation of depth and avoiding surface clogging.

Large Mesh (L e Lx e Lx+)

The large mesh size (15×7 mm) repeatedly causes continuous changes in the direction of airflow.
The resulting turbulence is very effective in capturing paint particles.
Medium-sized overspray drops are deposited here.

Small Mesh (S)

The small mesh (9×4 mm) retains very small drops of overspray.
The small mesh was the smallest that could be produced before the appearance of mini-mesh technology.

Mini-Mesh (MM)

The mini-mesh (4×2.5 mm) is the result of unsurpassed technology, featuring baffle openings smaller than those found in conventional collectors.
This configuration enhances efficiencies and allows the collectors to be packed in higher quantities per container, requires less storage area, reduces freight costs and reduces disposal costs.

The Mini-Mesh design is a result of equipment companies’ success in increasing transfer efficiencies, or the percentage of particles that make contact with the part, thus reducing the amount of overspray actually reaching the collector bank.
The mini-mesh provides the additional efficiency needed to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Polyester postFilter (P)

A wide choice of polyester filters allow to realize the final layer, optional, to realize the performances required by particular cases.