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Cardboard Framed Panel Filter with Columbus® STD Collector

Cardboard Framed Panel Filter with Columbus® Standard Multilayer Collector.

Columbus Industries baffle-type Standard Multilayer Collector is comprised of six layers of kraft media, each slit and expanded into a mesh with baffle-like surfaces.
These six baffles layers form a multistage collection design which creates the action necessary for superior depth-loading characteristics.

The cardboard frame gives the Columbus HCS1 filter a great ease of installation and makes it ideal as a better alternative to cells with a cardboard and fibreglass frame.

The Cardboard Framed Panel Filters with Columbus® HCS1 Collector are available in custom frontal sizes with a thickness of 24 mm or 48 mm.

Technical Features

Code IT
Code US
Label Color
84 - 99 %
Holding Capacity
4.0 kg/m²
0.4 kg


The Cardboard Framed Panel Filter with Columbus® STD Collectors are used for the separation of coarse dust and as overspray filters in spray booths.



The Cardboard Framed Panel Filter with Columbus® STD Collector consists of the following layers, in the sense of Air Flow:

  • L (Large Layer)
  • Lx (Large Crossed Layer)
  • Lx+ (Large Crossed Layer)
  • S (Small Layer)
  • S (Small Layer)
  • MM (Mini-Mesh Layer)

Efficiency & Holding

This type of aerosol has variable characteristics as a function of several parameters among which:

  • Coating Type
  • Amount of coating sprayed
  • Spraying technique
  • Air flow rate
  • Transfer efficiency

The average separation efficiency and duration are influenced by the following parameters:

  • Coating Type
  • Velocity of the airstream
  • Distance between sprayer and filter
  • Maximum Allowable Load Loss

Therefore, the performance of the product described in this sheet varies and is characteristic of each individual installation; it must therefore be measured on the system.

As a guideline, we provide some experimental data:

Coating Type
Holding Capacity
Air-dry Enamels 96 - 98 % 3.3 - 3.6 kg/m²
Bake-dry Enamels 98 - 99 % 4 - 6 kg/m²
High Solids - Enamels 98 - 99 % 4 - 6 kg/m²
Lacquers - Nitrocellulose 84 - 87 % 0.5 - 1.5 kg/m²

Product Line Applications

Rating Legend
  • 5 Excellent Performance
  • 4 Very good Performance
  • 3 Good Performance
  • 2 Moderate Performance
  • 1 Not Usually Recommended
Coating Type
Adhesives 3
Air-dry Enamels 4
Asphalts 3
Bake-dry Enamels 3
Clear Coats 3
Epoxies 3
Fiberglass 3
Frit 3
Gel Coats 3
Glazes - Fillers 4
High Solids - Enamels 2
Lacquers - Nitrocellulose 4
Primers - Air Dry 4
Sealers 4
Stains 4
Tar-like Coatings 3
Teflon 3
Urethanes 3
Vinyls 3
Waterbornes 3