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Overspray Pre-collectors 1

Columbus Industries’ Overspray Pre-collector 1 is a filter composed of slit and expanded kraft, with a small final mesh layer.

Classified as Hi-tech Paint Collector, the multilayer paint collectors© are formed by the overlapping of stretched fire retardant paper nets joined by longitudinal seams with silicone-free yarn.

Technical Features

Code IT
Code US
Label Color
45 - 65 %
Holding Capacity
1000 × 100 cm
0.10 m³
3.50 kg


They find application in pre-filtration in cases of high concentrations of OverSpray.



The Overspray Pre-collector 1 consists of the following layers, in the direction of Air Flow:

  • HC (High Capacity)
  • HC+ (Reverse High Capacity)
  • HC (High Capacity)
  • HC+ (Reverse High Capacity)
  • S (Small Layer)

Efficiency & Holding

The Overspray Pre-collectors 1 has been designed as a pre-filter to other types of Paint Collector® and it is not normally advisable to use it alone.
No efficiency data are therefore provided.

For guidance only and as a guide for the choice, it can be assumed that its efficiency is between 45% and 65%.

Coating Type
Holding Capacity

Product Line Applications

Rating Legend
  • 5 Excellent Performance
  • 4 Very good Performance
  • 3 Good Performance
  • 2 Moderate Performance
  • 1 Not Usually Recommended
Coating Type
Adhesives 2
Air-dry Enamels 3
Asphalts 2
Bake-dry Enamels 2
Clear Coats 2
Epoxies 2
Fiberglass 2
Frit 2
Gel Coats 2
Glazes - Fillers 3
High Solids - Enamels 1
Lacquers - Nitrocellulose 3
Primers - Air Dry 3
Sealers 3
Stains 3
Tar-like Coatings 2
Teflon 2
Urethanes 2
Vinyls 2
Waterbornes 2